Forecasting Hope – Prophecies of the Second Coming



About the event

The world is living through unprecedented times. People across this nation are looking to the future with fear and anxiety. But the Bible has proven itself a source of hope through dark times through history. Its prophecies have been proven 100% accurate throughout history and they share with us what we expect in the near future.

Reasons to Join this Online Meeting

  • Trust the Bible through seeing previous prophecies fulfilled
  • Find freedom from anxiety by understanding the Bible’s predictions for today
  • Discover the evidence God cares about you
  • Find peace from the source that has helped millions

About the Speaker

Join international speaker, Pastor David Klinedinst, as we explore the pages of the bible to find proof of its validity through prophecy and its relevance for today. David’s passionate style has blessed and engaged audiences across 5 continents, and made the complex prophecies of Daniel and Revelation crystal clear to people of all levels of Biblical understanding.

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