Calling all 4-9 year olds in Pre-K through 4th grade! Would you like to belong to the Camelback Colts Adventurer Club? Come be a part of a family club where activities magnify Jesus and foster discipleship with Christ. The program is based around four learning themes: My God, My World, My Self and My Family. Children attend teacher-led classes geared to their age group, participate as a club in community activites, Adventurer Family Camp, take field trips to special places and earn awards while learning new skills. Parents are invited and encouraged to join in their children’s classes and activities.


Meetings are typically held every other week on Sabbath afternoons from 2:00-4:00 p.m.


Uniforms are purchased online or over the telephone from Advent Source in Lincoln, NE. It can take up to two weeks to receive uniforms. Allow time for returns/exchanges/alterations that may be needed.

Children should be in full Class A uniform within one month of enrollment. The field uniform consists of a club T-shirt and blue jeans. The required uniform for the day is printed on the meeting schedule.

Typically, the Class A uniform is worn at all club meetings and special occasions such as Adventurer Induction, Adventurer Church Day, Investiture, and when participating in Community events.

For detailed information on ordering Class A uniform items from Advent Source, click here.

For information on placement of uniform sleeve and beret patch:

For information on placement of uniform club and class pins and sash awards, click here.


Two enrollment forms are required before membership is confirmed.

  1. Print and complete the Adventurer Club Registration Form here.
  2. Print and complete the Continuing Consent for Medical Treatment and Health Insurance Information form. After filling it out, have it notarized. Click here for the form. Mail both original forms to: Director, Adventurer Club, Camelback SDA Church, 5902 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix AZ 85018. Once both forms are received the Director will contact you.

Club Policies

Family Camping: Whether the Adventurer Club goes camping for a night or a weekend, families are expected to attend. There are absolutely no exceptions. The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists also has put the following guidelines into place in regards to family camping. The Camelback Colts Adventurer Club endorses and adheres to these guidelines in full.

  1. In the event of an adventurer family camping experience, a parent or legal guardian MUST accompany their own child(ren) at all times. No exceptions.
  2. Parents or legal guardians are not permitted to grant permission to Adventurer staff to take their minor children overnight camping with a parent or legal guardian under any circumstances. No exceptions.
  3. Adventurer staff are not permitted to accept permission or release forms from a parent or legal guardian to take their minor child(ren) camping overnight without the parent or legal guardian present on the camping trip. No exceptions.
  4. Adventurer staff are prohibited from sharing a tent or cabin with children who are not their own. No exceptions.
  5. Adventurers are not permitted to sleep in tents or cabins unsupervised. Neither are they permitted to share a tent or cabin with another child unless they are siblings and the parents/guardians are present. No exceptions.

Field Trips: Field trips are optional learning experiences for children and their families. If Adventurers participate, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Before a child can participate, the appropriate liability form must be completed, signed and returned to the Field Director prior to the trip.

Safety: Due to the changing world in which we now live, we are committed to the safety of all child(ren) while they are participating in Adventurers. As such, the following is currently being implemented by the Camelback SDA Church through Children and Youth Ministries.

  1. Parents/Guardians must walk your child(ren) to his/her/their meeting room.
  2. Children will not be released from the meeting room until parents/guardians pick the child(ren)up.
  3. Children in Adventurers will be walked between their classroom and the main meeting room by the appropriate class Instructor. Children are not allowed to leave meeting areas and roam around the church campus or wander between classrooms during the meeting.
  4. Because the Adventurer Club is family oriented with parent attendance and participation highly encouraged or required, ALL parents of Adventurer children are asked to complete the following 1.5 hour Verified Volunteer online training. This training addresses child abuse issues including physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. Click here to download printable directions to start the interactive training.

We trust that you will perceive these changes as a positive effort in behalf of our beautiful, innocent children. We don’t want any of them to become the next statistic of criminal behavior or violence.