Study and Resource Links

The Camelback Seventh-Day Adventist Church recognizes all of the fantastic Bible study, inspirational story, and ministry resource websites, podcasts, and videos that can be helpful and encouraging in our walk with Jesus. We provide below some links we believe will be a blessing in your efforts to grow in the knowledge of God and share His love and grace with people everywhere.


Bible Study | Spiritual Growth


Biblical Timeline:

Adventist Learning Community:

Fundamental Beliefs:

Adventist Pioneer Library:

Biblical Research Institute:

Adventist Theological Society:

Geoscience Research Institute:

Creation Studies:

Detecting Design:

Institute for Creation Research:

AU Digital Commons:

Adventist Archives:

Sabbath Truth:

Truth About Death:

Bible Prophecy Truth:

Answers for Me:


Inspirational Media

Good News TV:

Adventist Review TV:

It Is Written:

Voice of Prophecy:


Hope TV:

American Christian Ministries:

Audio Verse:

Amazing Facts:

Breath of Life:


Jesus 101:

La Voz de la Esperanza:

Travels in Israel:



Adventist Pilgrimage: (Apple); (TuneIn)

Adventist History: (Apple); (YouTube)

Adventist Review: (Apple); (TuneIn)

Answers in Genesis: (Apple); (YouTube)

Ministry Magazine: (Apple); (TuneIn)–Spirituality-Podcas/Ministry-Magazine-Podcast-p1913330/

Ellen White Podcast: (Apple); (TuneIn)–Spirituality-Podcas/The-Ellen-White-Podcast-p3494825/



Gospel Outreach TV:

Adventist Mission:

Frontier Missions:


Ministry Resources

Sabbath School:

Sabbath School Programs:

Adult Sabbath School:

Cornerstone Connections:

The White Estate: