Who we are

The Mission of the Camelback Seventh-day Adventist Church is: “To know Jesus Christ, grow in God’s grace, and share His Love”


Disciples of Christ

As modern-day disciples, we participate in His mission by seeking out people that are open to God’s leading and desire to walk in “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6).


our calling

Jesus used a specific method for discipling the twelve. We seek to incorporate each of the four distinct aspects of His discipling method into every area of ministry. These four aspects are both progressive and continuous, which is to Connect, Grow, Equip, and Send disciples out to touch people’s lives with the love and grace of God.

The discipling process and our Mission Statement are interconnected:

To know Jesus Christ
We connect people to Jesus and His church family.

Grow in God’s grace
We grow members in the knowledge and character of Christ and equip them for active engagement in church ministry.

Share His love
We send members empowered by the Holy Spirit into their communities (home, work, and social life) to share God’s love and the amazing truth of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.


One of the essential things for finding true meaning in life is belonging. Knowing we were created with this need, Jesus connected the disciples to Himself and then to each other to build community. The main purpose of the church is to connect people to Christ and His body, the church. This is our mission as disciples of Jesus. We are also intentional about building deeper connections as a church family so all can experience the joy of meaningful relationships that support and sustain us as we travel this challenging road of life together.


Jesus accepts us wherever we are, but He never leaves us there. Our connection with Him is the beginning of a lifelong process of growing in God’s grace. We are dedicated to helping members experience spiritual transformation through preaching, teaching, praying, and serving together. This requires a full commitment to Christ and His plan for our life. The goal is to help members discover what a life devoted to Christ looks like and to help them experience that reality as His disciple.


As we grow together in God’s grace, the Holy Spirit gives us the fruit of a new character. But He does not stop there. The Holy Spirit also imparts spiritual gifts for the purpose of sharing God’s love and testifying about His truth and mission. Camelback is passionate about empowering members to use these gifts and to become active in ministry in their personal lives and in the mission of the church to its community.


Jesus commissioned the church to Go, not merely invite people to Come. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is intentional. Members engage in Christ’s mission by investing time and energy in the lives of people in their sphere of influence and by working together as a church to minister to the needs of the community. We believe that active engagement in both kinds of evangelism will bring true success to our mission.


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John Stanton

Lead Pastor

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Mark Sulger

Associate Pastor

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Melanie Cruz

Youth and Family Life Pastor

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Cherie Oberlick

Church Secretary

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“Like cactus in the desert, we stand strong in the power of the Lord, knowing that rain will come in due season amid a dry and barren land.”


“Happiness is a bi-product, not a goal. As we focus on our mission of loving God and people, a happy thriving church body is the natural result.”


“God is not a machine and the church is not a factory cranking out look-alike Christians on a conveyor belt. God is a creative artist and the church is a canvas on which He is painting a diverse array of uniquely colorful individuals.”
(Ty Gibson)


Our children

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14