Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers
Enjoy these stories of people who experienced real answers to prayer.

January 3, 2023


Monday, 12/19/22, I tested positive for COVID-19 at my Dr.’s office. Immediately got on Camelback’s prayers list, followed simple Dr. advise, retested for COVID-19 on  Friday and not a sign, not a trace, of the COVID 19 remained.  My doctor was astonished, as I am not young.  l am not quarantined, so I am able to safely be out and about with no chance of infecting anyone.


Ray Pakay

September 12, 2022

” Show Low, AZ has had a lot of rain this monsoon season and on July 28 a heavy storm passed through. In the early afternoon the thunder, lightening, rain and wind was so heavy that the rain was blowing sideways. Chuck and I were sitting on the front porch watching all this when I went into the house to get Chuck’s phone so we could take some pictures. When I went inside I saw that the rain was pouring into the house through an opening in the ceiling of the laundry room. I ran back to the porch to have Chuck help me catch the water with our pots and pans. There was so much water coming in that we tried to hold the pans above our heads to catch the flow, all with little results.

As the water began to flow from the vinyl flooring of the laundry room on to the carpet in the next room, I started to call upon the Lord for help. At first I thought to ask Him to stop the rain but thought, no, we need the the rain, so asked Him to stop the leak. Instantly the flow stopped with not so much as a drip drip.

Chuck looked up and said, “look the leak has stopped”,  even though we could still hear the pounding rain and howling wind outside. Chuck had been praying that the Lord would help him know what to do before the house flooded and along with my pray, the Lord worked a miracle!

It continued to rain here in Show Low for weeks and never again did we have a drop of rain in the house!  What a wonderful God that cares and loves us so much!

P.S.  we finally did get the roof repaired more then a month later.

Chuck and Janet Clayton

June 8, 2022

My niece, who is only in her early 30’s, had a biopsy to investigate a lump and we were praying it was not cancer.  It would be several days before we would receive the results.

Waiting for test results can be really nerve racking, but we kept praying, and today we were truly blessed when the lab results were negative for cancer! What a relief it was to receive this news.  Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers, You are an awesome God!

June 8, 2022

I had been working on a financial issue – many months – and praying that the Lord would help me see how this could be resolved.  Sometimes it’s hard to wait upon the Lord, I wasn’t sure just when or how this issue would be resolved, but I kept praying.

It has been at least a year, but, praise the Lord, I received a call yesterday stating this issue will be resolved and apologizing for it not being done earlier!  I am sooooo thankful to the Lord for hearing my prayer and helping me to not give up!