Women’s Ministries

Mission Statement

Celebrating Jesus by demonstrating Christian actions, speaking uplifting words, and encouraging women to be valued disciples.

Vision Statement

Serve and grow women to minister to each other, the church family, and the community.


Embrace and support the women of Camelback SDA Church to have a personal relationship with Jesus and each other.


Women’s Ministries’ Mandate

  • Maintain confidentiality of personal information
  • Address the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and socioeconomic needs
  • Increase participation in all church activities and ministries
  • Support hurting women
  • Provide education on issues and relatable topics for women
  • Mentor teen and young women


  • Provide opportunities for women to deepen their faith, experience spiritual growth and renewal
  • Build positive networks with other women within and out of the church setting
  • Challenge SDA women to utilize their talents and spiritual gifts for the glory of God in the church, home, and community


The importance of wellness cannot be understated. Wellness involves the health of the whole: mind, body, and spirit. Wellness decreases stress, reduces likelihood of illness, and improves relationships.

Some Basic Principles of Health

  • Eat nutritiously (many choose a plant-based diet).
  • Exercise regularly and often to improve your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated.
  • Spend moderate time in sunlight.
  • Practice temperance: Use good things moderately; avoid bad things.
  • Exercise your lungs by inhaling deeply, breathing in pure air, and exhale slowly.
  • Rest well, remembering that the best rest follows labor.
  • Trust in the Divine Power as you make choices and seek inner peace.
  • Minimize your stress level
  • Pray, laugh, always be kind.

Upcoming Events

            March 2023 – Women’s History Month

           March 4, 2023 – International Women’s Day of Prayer

           March 8, 2023 – International Women’s Day

           April 01, 2023 – Quarterly Day of Fasting and Prayer

           May 2023 – National Women’s Health Month

           July 22, 2023 – Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day   

This provides an opportunity for women to lead out in a worship service             and to educate the church regarding the purposes of Women’s                               Ministries.

          August 26, 2023enditnow® Emphasis Day is observed the                      fourth Sabbath in August. This worldwide church initiative is included in            the Church’s Calendar of Days and Events. The enditnow® Emphasis           Day resource packets are coordinated by the General Conference                         Women’s Ministries including production of source material and                           distribution. Six co-sponsoring departments of the General Conference               also contribute to the source material: Children’s Ministries, Education,             Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Ministerial Association, and Youth             Ministries.

       September 9, 2023 – Family Togetherness Day of Prayer

      October 2023 – National Domestic Violence Month

      October 2023 –     Breast Cancer Awareness Month

     October 7, 2023 – Quarterly Day of Prayer and Fasting


Past Events

March 26, 2022: “Bake Sale” in the Rotunda after Church (No money exchanged on Sabbath) | This is a Men’s & Women’s Ministries Fundraiser.

April 17, 2022: First Annual International Easter Brunch | Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM | Location: Orellana’s home (Details to follow in church bulletin)

May 1, 2022: Invited to the Hands & Feet Tea Party | Time: 2:00PM | Location: Rotunda

IMPORTANT NOTE: Let us know if you would like to attend July 16, 2022: Women’s Ministries Day. We are responsible for the full service. (Details to follow)

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or want to know how you can get involved. Thanks for your support & faithfulness to your Camelback Women’s Ministries. Go with God always & your path will be clear.


Leadership Team

Paula Williams, 480-415-8004

Carol Howerton, 480-528-4276